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Adopt an Alp

The program pursues two main goals:
The first one is to give people a realistic - and not idealized or romantic - picture of what Transhumance means for the ones still committed to it.
The other one is to show the farmers and families that their hard work, craftmanship and dedication indeed is appreciated - not just through kind words, but by buying their cheeses and being aware of their many values.

Sales channels

High end cheese and specialty stores, gourmet chains, health food stores, high quality delis, fine dining establishments throughout the USA.

(Antonelli's, Austin TX; Cheese Addiction, Long Beach CA; Cheese Bar, Portland OR; Feast, Charlottesville VA; Gelson's, Los Angeles CA; Lamb's Market, Portland OR; Market Basket, Franklin Lakes NJ; New Seasons, OR and WA; Nugget Markets, Postland OR; PCC Natural Markets, Seattle WA; Rainbow Grocery, San Francisco CA; Roth's, Salem OR; Skagit Coop, Seattle WA; Stadium Thriftway, Tacoma WA; Talbott & Arding, Hudson NY; The Cheese Board, Berkeley CA; The NoMad,  NYC NY; The Pasta Shop, Oakland CA; Truffle Cheese, Denver CO; Zabar's, NYC NY; Zupan's, Portland OR).


Caroline Hostettler
Manager Mifroma Premium and Adopt-an-Alp
Fort Myers, FL (USA)
phone: +1-239-246 0523