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What is Swiss alp cheese?

A seasonal product

Alp cheese is only produced in summer, and with milk from cows, goats or sheep that graze on the mountain pastures. The designation "Alpkäse (alp cheese)" is protected. A cheese may only carry this label if the milk production and curdling take place on the mountain.


A delight in many variations

No alp cheese tastes like another. Different local herbs, production methods and traditions influence the cheese in aroma, colour, shape, level of maturity and degree of hardness. Only one thing is common to all alp cheeses: the unique spicy taste that comes from the fresh alpine herbs.


What differentiates alp cheese from mountain cheese?

Alp cheese is not the same as mountain cheese. Alp cheese is produced only in summer during the so-called summering on the mountain pastures. Mountain cheese, on the other hand, is produced throughout the year in the village dairies of mountainous regions, thus also in winter when the animals are fed in with hay in the barn or cowshed.


A quality product with guarantee of origin

Thanks to alp cheese counselling and the certification of the alpine farms, Swiss alp cheeses present a high quality standard. A large proportion of Swiss alp cheese is produced according to the AOP specifications. AOP («Appelation d‘Origine Protégée») is a trademarked label and guarantees that the cheese comes 100 percent from the designated area of origin.